H3 series port forwarding automatically

Before the port forwarding,you need to check your network whether your network can be done the port forwarding.input the command on your broswer,find your WAN ip address.then log in your router,find your router’s WAN ip address is according with computer’s WAN ip.if so,it means your netwwork support to do the port forwarding.

As for auto port forwarding: you must comply with one principle,all the relevant settings is automatic.first you need to use the ipcamera search tool running in your local area network(LAN),please download the software from .

When you download the software,you can find the ipcamera search tool easily.

Run the ipcamerasearch.exe.

Click the ip address of the camera.then pay attention of2.3.4,then click “open” button.Input the camera’s username and password log in the webpage.the default value of the username and password is admin.please check the figure as follow:

When you click options button to log in the background of your camear,then choose networking,please check the LAN need to automatically obtain IP and automatically set DNS.The port can’t use 80,808 etc just like these special ports usually for router and server.

Then check the remote access ,please follow as the below figure,don’t change the default value,it will accord with the label that located bottom of your camera.Don’t forget tick enable in automati port mapping UPNP.

If your router open the UPNP service.then the Device Info will show UPNP success and DDNS success.

Note: your router must be open UPNP.

When your port forwarding is success.then you can use the DDNS address access your camera remotely.this camera’s outer network address is camera’s outer network address is depend on your DDNS username.


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