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Solution for 158 can't display on NVR

Customer: Today we got your 20 pcs sample 158 series, we facing one problem, this camera cant display on NVR..

                NVR can detect this IP Camera, under ONVIF, but cant display video / image, only blank screen.

                But when using web browser or p2p app, that working fine.

                Please advise how to fix it?cause using same NVR can working with H3-106V, as you said, this two series 

               (106V and 158V )have same software and same mainboard.

Support: Your camera use static IP or dynamic IP?

Customer: All camera using static IP only 158 use DHCP

Support:   Please fix ip for your 158V

Customer: Already changed to ip static,can't display,same condition.

Support:   May i know the current firmware of your 158V?

Customer:106v : V7.,

                158v : V7.

Support: Please log in the webpage of your camera to check the parameters as below:

Customer: Okay, i will try~~~

               (A moment later)Dear,158 works now,already appear on NVR display.Thank you very much!

Support: It’s my pleasure!


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